Why A2Z?

"Powered by Your Passion for Travel”, A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking  was born to offer experiences in the most portuguese unique places, and take you to the most wild and humanized landscapes with centuries of history.
For that,  we prepare Road Cycling, Walking and Mountain Biking tours which we believe those are the keys elements to take the most from a tour, in a a intimate feeling with nature and local culture.

The origins of A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking started with Pedro Pedrosa,  the pioneer of the company. We begin in 2006 with A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking and start as a small company. Despite all, we always were a fully professional company dedicated to provide world travelers a unique experience! Powered by your travel passion, A2Z prepares very special road cycling, hiking and mountain biking tours all around the world. We believe these are the ways to take the most from a trip, as one can have a close contact with nature and local culture, always at a relaxed rhythm.

Because we are a Portuguese company, we specialized in Portugal and we take great pleasure in showing our charming country, taking you to those unique places that only locals know about. Our expertise cover all Portugal, and if you don't find a trip that suites your needs, we are sure we can design it for you! Totally custom made.

For us the most important is our guests experience.

We try hard in order to offer the best and most genuine experiences, giving time to interact with local people, their culture and knowledge but at the same time enjoy the best of your favorite activity (walking or biking). We offer tours with different activity and accommodation, so you can choose the best that fits your needs.

We want to share our passion in walking and cycling with all those who like to have this way of life. A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking, sought partners with the same motivation, skills and experience in the quest to introduce Portugal from north to south to our clients.

Traveling in small groups allows us to stay in unique and special places, away from the tourist crowds. It also allows us to give you a first class service with our dedicated guides.

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