We are different

We are pleased to introduce our Portuguese company A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking, a fully dedicated company, centered on walking and biking tours around Portugal.
We have been in motion for the past 10 years, receiving high rates of customer satisfaction and an excellent track record.

As Walking & Biking experts, we can offer different types of tours - Guided, Guided (supported) and Self-guided. In all of them we assure a high level of service, during the time of your tour that would cover the most beautiful parts of Portugal without missing some of the most well-known places.

Discover the Douro Valley and the 12th Historical Villages, or the precious Schist Villages with houses made of stone and with a short walks around, in the center,  we can take you on a bike riding along the West Coast of Portugal visiting the monastery of Batalha and the shrine of Fátima, the Nazaré typical fishing village and the medieval town of Óbidos.

Towards the South in Alto Alentejo we can visit the old Évora city, UNESCO World Heritage, and in the South Algarve and the SW Coast of Portugal. We are not just one more, we are the line that separates a tour from a dream vacation!

We are different because our focus is in the satisfaction of the needs of our clients, we are not content with selling the tours to you ! Our purpose is dedicate time, help and support to everything that you need, showing the best that Portugal has and give it to you.