Our Team

Fun, knowledgeable and with at least five years of experience, our tour leaders and guides will make sure that you have a great time, in total safety. All our Tour leaders speak fluently English and of course Portuguese, and some speak French, German, Spanish or Italian. They have very different backgrounds, different personalities, but there is one thing they all share: their love for traveling and the desire to show you their favorite places in the world.

Pedro Pedrosa

Pedro co-founded A2Z in 2006. Born in Portugal, in 1970 his main passions are traveling and sports, specially cycling. The two of them together make him a happy man. He has an university degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Spatial and Environmental Planning but he has spent his life avoiding turning into a computer geek. That's why after several other entrepreneurship projects he co-founded A2Z to work in what he loves to do. Among other things in his background he has ten years guiding groups in Portugal and leading mountain biking and trekking expeditions in places like the Himalayas, Morocco or Patagonia. When not guiding, he is lead consultant in Nature Tourism Development project in A2Z-Consulting department. For fun he competed in the Portuguese Adventure Racing Team that was national champion for 2 years. Pedro speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French fluently and tries not to forget the 9 words in Russian he knows...

Nuno Santos

Nuno is also a co-founder of A2Z. Born in Leiria, Portugal in ´78, since a young age he loves the outdoors with a specific interest for the mountains. That passion led him to begin rock climbing at the age of 13, and since then this love for the sport has made him travel all over the place looking for the perfect rock climbing spot. When he is not climbing, hiking or cycling, he his trying to keep his balance in the high – slacklines, the first in Portugal. He has a degree in Sports and Physical Education and in the past worked as a Sports Supervisor for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, traveling around the world and dealing mainly with North American guests. He speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish fluently and "un petit" French.

Joana Seco

Joana was born in 1983 in Coimbra and has a degree in Eco-Agritourism. She began in mountain bike marathons in 2004 and participated until 2013 in the national championships of Olympic cross-country. Even though she has never won a national title, she is our champion! Sport in the nature is her passion: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, trail running... Joined A2Z Adventures in 2009 and beyond being a walking and cycling guide Joana is our (very precious) help in the office.

Hugo Marques

Hugo collaborates with A2Z since 2012 and has a degree in Sport and Wellness. Lives in Batalha, close to the grand monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, a masterpiece of architecture, standing since 1386, and Serra de Aire e Candeeiros mountains, the most important repository of limestone formations in Portugal. He is a sports enthusiast who fell in love with sports in nature in recent years, especially in the mountains. When not exploring new trails on his mountain bike, you can certainly find him climbing or hiking. His taste and special care in showing the enchanted places of Portugal, will leave you excited to learn more ...

Tiago Barra

Tiago loves to travel! Loves his country and loves to share it with everyone! He started his studies has a jazz musician, and being a musician for more than 10 years, he has played all over Portugal. His passion with sports leaded him to try as many as he could since he was 8, starting with tennis, handball, football, BMX, skating... but cycling and rock climbing were the ones that stood until now. Barra, as he is known in the company, has a university degree in management and has done a master degree in marketing. He loves the countryside and so, whenever he can, he goes with his dog Dharma for some big rides. He works with A2Z for 7 years now, leading and guiding groups as well as helping with what is needed at the office. His passion for people, photography and to travel has led him to stay in the tourism business for life. Culture and to experience diversity are his main interests!

Samuel Costa

Samuel was born in 1980 in Gêres where he grew up and lives. Since he can remember his greatest passion is hiking. This led him from very young to walk along the Gêres National Park, knowing all its secret spots. Another great passion is mountain biking, which he started in 1998! From that moment he never quit looking for the perfect single trail! Nobody knows more about the Gêres region than Samuel, our local guide and friend in this beautiful region of Portugal. Samuel speaks fluently English and some French and Spanish.

Manuel Franco

Manuel Franco has a degree in Sport Sciences and develops its activity in ecotourism since 2004. Practiced Mountain and Nature sports, he discovered at an early age his passion for Portuguese mountains in particular the territory of "Hermínios" having set himself in that region since 1998. Manuel is our guide and expert in the Serra da Estrela region.

Ricardo Neves

Ricardo Neves was born in 1984 in Tomar the emblematic Templar city, and from an early age he fell in love with nature sports. His passion for nature and the mountain has led him to discover climbing, a sport he has been practicing for more than 19 years. When he is not climbing, you will surely find him exploring Portugal in a variety of ways, whether you are hiking, running on the trail, riding your mountain bike or even canyoning. He loves meeting people and sharing with others the most beautiful things in Portugal. He has a degree in Sports and Wellness and joined the A2Z team in 2013.

Carlos Santos

Natural from Coimbra and with a graduate of Eco-tourism, Carlos is a creative and motivated team player with excellent design and graphic IT skills. Despite nature activities are one of his great passions, Carlos is the Head of the Communication & Marketing in our company, designing also nature itineraries and realizing them as a guide.
Carlos is an expert on several touristic activities, as an outgoing Travel Agent, Hotel recepcionist, Outdoor Guide and guide on horse riding walks on Caramulo Mountain.
Carlos is an amateur photographer responsible for many of the beautiful images presented on our website.
His major hobby is the Traditional Chinese Medicine, so you can guess, in a very short time, more creative and innovative health trips will come.

Edith Santos

Edith Santos was born in Paris, in 1984 and came to Portugal with 13 years old. She studied Translation and speaks French, Spanish and English. She work in Tourism Sector since 2009, was cabin crew and worked in diferents airports and since 2013 she work in Tour Operator area. Edith likes travel around the world and she loves discover Portugal, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the country, and the sun throughout the year. She is in love of medical plants, as well the flora and nature in general. Edith joined A2Z in 2015 and is responsable for Tour Operators reservations and the Marché Francophone sales.

Marta Salvador

Borned in 1977 in Lisbon, Marta Salvador manages the Bikotel project. Passionate about nature, travel and sports, she feels at home when she is away from home, exploring, learning and sharing experiences. She has a degree in Environmental Engineering, postgraduate in Environmental Management and Audits, has extensive experience as a trainer in the area of environment and sustainability, and more recently as a consultant in Hygiene and Safety at Work. Sports enthusiast 365 days a year, from wherever she travel, from Costa Vicentina to Tokyo, she prefer to explore destination by bike: it is sustainable, healthy, economical and allows for new discoveries every day.
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