Bikes, Gear and Support

In order to provide you unique expirences, we have the best equipments at your disposal. We present you different types of bicycles and materials according to your type of tour.

We have a fleet of hybrid bicycles from TrekKTM and BH. With aluminum frames (regular or open) and 27 speeds (mountain bike gears), they are light and efficient, the perfect bicycles for the cycling tours we run in Portugal and Spain. These bicycles come with bike computer, handlebar bag with map case, lock, water bottle and panniers support (panniers are optional).
The bikes have flat pedals (we don't recommend cages). If you don't like riding on flat pedals, please bring your own clipless pedals and we will be happy to put them on your bicycle.
                     TREK T80 21-Speed BLX                                                                     Trek 7.3 FX hybrid bike

                                   BH Silvertip XT                                                                                          KTM Life Fun
We have beautiful road bikes for different circumstances and certain details that make difference to your tours, such as Trek Emonda and Trek Domane, both made of carbon frame.
The first, also with Ultegra, serves the purpose of achieving higher speeds, as it is a lighter bicycle, with sensational ride-tuned balance and handling that elevate Trek ride performance to a whole new level.
The second one, with IsoSpeed, is characterized by the incredible race comfort and stability.

 Trek Emonda                                                   Trek Domane
                  Trek Emonda S 6 2016                                                                                        Trek Domane 4.5 2016

An E-Bike (Electric Bicycle) is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. Great for those who want to pedal from north to south of Portugal without much effort.
                       Moustache e-bike                                                              Moustache e-bike with open frame                                                                  Trek E-bikes TM600

Since the beginning, A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking believes that new technologies are an added value when traveling, making it an easier, safer and more knowledgeable experience. All our tours are geo-referenced and our guests are invited to use their GPS's to travel at their own rhythm, and track where they are at all time.
If you don't like these new gadgets, no problem! Our guide will always be nearby motivating you and telling you all the secrets of the places you visit along the way. And of course, we provide very accurate route notes.
If you don't own a GPS, A2Z has brand new user-friendly touch-screen Garmin Dakota and Etrex Touch GPS´s for your use.


Helmets are mandatory on all of our cycling tours. We recommend you bring your own helmet. If you don't want to do so we can provide the helmet for free during the tour, if available.
You can also buy a brand new helmet with the A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking logos on it.

Our vans have indepedent air-conditioning for front and rear seats and have all the comfort for you to relax during the transfers in our tours (Mercedes and Renault). We even provide free Wi-Fi access so you can update your social networks with the latest photos of your tour with A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking.
We also have a bike trailer to safely transport your bike whenever needed.

A2Z is a fully dedicated company. We believe that all our trips are, to some extent, customized to the individual needs of each of our guests. On average we have 8 peopleor less on our tours. This way we feel like we can dedicate our full attention to each and every one of our guests.

A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking offers 5 tour types:
  • Walk­ing /​ Hiking
  • Road Cycling
  • Moun­tain biking
  • Multi-​activity
  • Short Adven­tures

Many of our tours also include bird watching, cultural visits and gastronomic experiences. As often as possible we include these activities in our tours to enhance diversity in your experience.

A2Z Portugal - Walking & Biking offers different types of tours (Guided, Guided (Supported) and Self-Guided) and in all of them we assure a high level of service:

Be part of a guided group with previously fixed dates. Includes 2 guides (out of Portugal 1 European guide fluent in English + 1 local guide);


Guided (Supported)
You will travel independently based on accurate route directions, maps and/or GPS tracks. Includes 1 guide driving a support van and transfer your luggage (will be around in each corner to assist you with our van);


Choose your own pace and find your way. You will meet one guide at the beginning and at the end of the tour. Throughout the tour you will have:
- 24h phone support line. In some of our tours, we provide a mobile phone so that you can call us free of charge and receive messages with the weather forecast.
- GPS, map and/or route directions so you can follow the route at your own pace.

In all our tours, you will receive detailed information about the itinerary and the country you are visiting and, in cycling tours, route directions. This will not be standard documentation, but carefully revised documents for each individual tour. Even if we have done the tour a million times, all documentation is reviewed and adapted to YOUR unique tour.

This is what we consider first class service.