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Biking Tour from Porto to Lisbon - Self-Guided

Leisure | Self-Guided | Comfort | 8 Days/7 Nights | From 845.00€
|A2Z FinderPortugalCenter of PortugalThe Atlantic Coast Biking Tour from Porto to Lisbon - Self-Guided
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Cycle along the Atlantic coast, starting from Porto towards Lisboa!

This tour by flat terrains is our easiest one. With routes by the ocean side you have the chance to enjoy the west coast sunny beaches, stopping in one beach bar terrace for a coffee or tasting a grilled fresh fish lunch. Cycle paths, nature conservation areas, the Leiria pine forest and the Alcobaça UNESCO world heritage monastery are some of the trip highlights, ending in style crossing the Obidos Medieval village gates!

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Daily Itinerary

Day 01
Arrival to Porto
The hilly city of Porto presents a mingle of styles and eras that will enchant you. The region has been continuously inhabited since at least the 4th Century, when the Romans referred to it as Portus Calle.Porto is renowned all over the world for its delicious fortified wine, and no trip to the city would be complete without taking part in a Port wine cellars tour. Port wine is specific to the region, and refers to grapes that have been cultivated and harvested on the designated banks of the Douro River valley, and transformed into this delicious nectar at one of the area’s many Port wine estates.
Lodging: Moov Hotel Porto Centro (or similar), equated to a 3*new hotel in a century-old building in downtown Porto.
Day 02
Cycling Tour 1 - Porto | Espinho | Ovar | Furadouro (50 km))
Today you will ride along Douro River until its mouth. Then you will head south along the coast, mostly on bike paths, with beautiful sandy beaches on your right. During this ride you'll have plenty of places to stop and enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal or just to have a drink looking at the Atlantic Ocean! At Miramar, you will be able to see a small and intriguing little chapel built on the top of a rock situated right on the shoreline. This Chapel has amazing views both out to sea and to the white sandy beach stretching in front of it. With a hexagonal design, it’s called Senhor da Pedra (Lord of the Rock). It was built in 1686 and restored in 1996.
At Espinho, a cosmopolitan holiday resort with beaches and a Casino, you can continue on a cycling path along the pine tree forest to Furadouro beach, cycling the final 21 km. You have also the option to take the train to Ovar and there ride 6 km more to get your final destination, the Furadouro beach.
Lodging: Cool & Sea beach House (equated to a 3*), a guest house located next to the beach of Furadouro.
Day 03
Cycling Tour 2 - Furadouro | Barra | Praia de Mira (60 km / 37 mi)
Today's bike ride will take you along the Aveiro lagoon. The lagoon is the result of the sea's retreat in the 16th century, originating land stripes that imprisoned the water. The lagoon is one of the most important and beautiful hydrographic landscapes in the Portuguese coast.It extends parallel to the ocean by 47 km/ 29 mi and is 11 km/ 7 mi width. On the beach of San Jacinto you will cross by ferry to Barra Beach, located on the south side of the lagoon. You will then continue along the Ria de Aveiro and find the bike path that will take you to your hotel in Praia de Mira. Mira Beach is characterized by the traditional beach tents, often brightly coloured and decorated with stripes, and a small lagoon where you can take a relaxing walk. Praia de Mira, with the dunes and Atlantic on one side, and the peaceful lagoon of Barrinha de Mira on the other, is a pretty fishing village developing as a resort. High-prowed fishing boats are still drawn up the spectacular beach by oxen, but leisure craft now cruise the shore and the inland waterways, and the fishermen´s stripped palheiros, popular as seaside cottages, are fast vanishing amid shops, bars and cafés.
Lodging: Hotel Senhora da Conceição (or similar), a 2* hotel located in the center of Praia de Mira, 400 meters/ 5 minute walk from the beach.
Day 04
Cycling Tour 3 - Praia de Mira | Figueira da Foz (50 km / 31 mi)
Today's bike ride will take you towards Figueira da Foz city.
Figueira da Foz took its name from its situation at the mouth (foz) of the River Mondego and it has developed into one of the main seaside resorts in the centre of Portugal.
This trip full of dune systems covered in pine forest and you will take time to apreciatte this lovelly green scenery.You will cycle along the Atlantic Coast and up to the Serra da Boa Viagem to appreciate the panoramic view from the Miradouro da Vela where you can see not only the city and the salt-pans of the River Mondego, but on clear days the coastline is also visible as far as the Berlengas islands. Then the trip goes down to the lighthouse of Cape Mondego.
Lodging: Universal Boutique Hotel (or similar), a 4 star hotel located in the "New Town", the most elegant district of Figueira da Foz, 50 meters from the emblematic Casino and the beach.
Day 05
Figueira da Foz
Optional loop: Montemor-o-Velho or Optional free day: Visit Coimbra by train
Optional loop: Montemor-o-Velho

You can a relaxing trip and meet village of Montemor-o-Velho and it´s Castle and return to Figueira.
Option free day: Visit Coimbra by train45 minutes by train until you get to one of the most important cities of Portugal - Coimbra. Between the sea and the mountains, Coimbra, due to the University ( listed as UNESCO World Heritage site) is, above all, a land of student bohemia and familiarity. The main geographical feature of the district is the valley of the Mondego River, the longest river born in Portugal, which dominates the landscape around the western part of the district. Here you can visit many historical monuments such as beautiful convents, monasteries, churches and aqueducts. Also noteworthy are the various renowned museums the city has, such as Machado de Castro Museum, the National Museum of Science and Technology and the Conimbriga Museum, all classified as world heritage.
Lodging: Universal Boutique Hotel (or similar), a 4 star hotel located in the "New Town", the most elegant district of Figueira da Foz, 50 meters from the emblematic Casino and the beach.
Day 06
Cycling Tour 4 - Figueira da Foz - São Pedro de Moel (70 km / 43,5 mi)
Today´s ride will start crossing the bridge over the Mondego River until you arrive  near Carriço and start into a cycling path that lead you through the Pinhal de Leiria, a pine tree forest which was planted by the king D. Dinis in the 14th century to provide timber to build ships.

You will pedal along  small beaches along the cycle path which crosses this immense pine forest. Beaches like Praia do Pedrogão, da Praia da Vieira and Praia de São Pedro de Moel are like oases in this countryside of pine forest covered dunes.São Pedro de Moel have a large beach and it is sheltered from the wind, ideal for sports, namely for the practice of windsurfing and diving.
Lodging: Hotel Mar & Sol  (or similar), a 4* hotel in the São Pedro de Moel beach ocean front.
Day 07
São Pedro de Moel - Óbidos (64 km / 39 mi)
As you pedal up the Atlantic Way you will discover cultural and natural attractions along the route, with beautiful beaches and small towns that give a glimpse of Portuguese culture and lifestyle. One good example is Paredes beach. Praia de Paredes da Vitória Beach is located in the valley where the Ribeira de Paredes (Paredes Stream) empties. This beach is well known by paragliding fans who bring color to the region's windy skies.
You will pedal until you get to Nazaré, a traditional and well known fishing village, the ideal place to go for fresh seafood.
The cycling route to Nazaré is always on a bike path along the Atlantic coast and through some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. It was also the place where the famous surfer Garret McNamara have surfed the bigger wave ever with 30m on January 2013.
The last stop will be the delightful town of Óbidos, with white houses adorned with bougainvilleas and honeysuckle. Óbidos is one of the most perfect examples of a Portuguese medieval fortress.
Lodging: Hotel Louro (or similar), a 3* hotel located less than 10 minutes walking to the center of village of Óbidos
Day 08
You can make your own way by train or bus from Óbidos to Porto / Lisbon.
Transfer from hotel to Lisbon/Porto  (optional).
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Moov Hotel Porto Centro

Cool & Sea beach House

Hotel Senhora da Conceição

Universal Boutique Hotel

Hotel Mar & Sol

Hotel Louro

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