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Premium Walking Tour in Serra da Estrela

Leisure | Guided | Premium | 8 Days/7 Nights | From 1790.00€
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Walk through the magnificent Serra da Estrela, the highest moutain in Continental Portugal. The mountains are surrounded by nature. Extraordinary glacial lagoons, deep valleys and beautiful rivers. You will definitely be astonished by this trip.

This is a privileged and unique territory in the middle of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, which landscapes and natural conditions dazzle the locals and visitors. You can enjoy a diversified, attractive and well preserved landscape with places of great beauty and tranquility that will allow you to be in a close contact with the nature. Serra da Estrela is the only Portuguese mountain region where the glacial action left unique visible marks such as polished rocks, boulders, glacial lagoons and deep U-shaped valleys such as the Zêzere Glacial Valley. Water is a key element in this region.

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Daily Itinerary

Day 01
Transfer from Coimbra to Manteigas. At the heart of Serra da Estrela you will enjoy the unique Hotel we have to offer and hike the trails around it.
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 02
Zêzere Glacier Valley ( 14 km | 8 mi / 1993 m | 6538 ft)
This is a path of incredible beauty through the U-Shaped Zêzere Glacier Valley. Between paintings that frame the blue sky and the green valley this route follows the refreshing Zêzere River path along the Glacier Route. Despite being a glacier valley and therefore very open the slopes are very steep, covered with granitic balls and blocks, mainly at the base of the water lines. In the final part of the Route you will have a steep climb to Torre, the highest point in continental Portugal (1993 m | 6538 ft).
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 03
Torre - Loriga hiking trail (11 km | 7 mi / 1993 m | 6538 ft)
After breakfast there's the transfer to Torre. The Hiking trail from Torre (1993 m | 6538 ft - highest point of continental Portugal) to Loriga (830 m | 2723 ft) is one of the most spectacular trails in Estrela Mountain range area. It does the Glacier valley all the way to the end. On this mountain trail you will pass through water dams, huge rock formations and boulders. It's an area of great beauty that the local shepherds still use it to lead the herds of sheep and goats up the mountain to look for better pasture places.
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 04
The Coal hiking route (20 km | 12 mi / 1695 m | 5561 ft)
The Coal Route is part of the Manteigas history. This trail, besides crossing the "Penhas Douradas" (Golden Rocks) – small mountain village that had its origin in the treatment at altitude of respiratory diseases, will give you a glimpse of  the "Nave da Mestra" – topographic depression that presents a large plan surrounded by a massive and fractured granitic. The privilege of getting to know these sites is complemented by the "Vale das Éguas" (Mares Valley), the water mirror of "Vale Rossim" (Rossim Valley), the "Charca do Perdigueiro" (Pointer Lagoon), the incredible landscape over the "Vale Glaciar" (Glacier Valley) and the accumulation of mountains that spreads until Spain.
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 05
The Boar and the Inferno Well (13 km | 8 mi / 1312 m | 4304 ft)
The Boar Route will allow you to see the humanized landscape with a panoramic view over the Manteigas village. You will cross magnificent forests, climb to the top of the Leandres stream and enjoy the view of the "Inferno Well" waterfall. As far as water lines are concerned the highlight is the Leandres Stream which takes place between cliffs, valleys and the Inferno Well, a 10 meters (32 ft) height natural waterfall. These open natural spaces are contributing to the development of local vegetation which leads you to contemplate a beautiful forest area that fills the horizon with color.
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 06
The Moors Corridor Route (19 km | 12 mi / 1994 m | 6541 ft)
The Moors Corridor Route is gifted with an unsettling mystical beauty with full biodiversity. It is filled with interesting attractive points such as places of outdoor activities and places to rest. On this trail you can visit the extensive and impressive ridge of the Moors Corridor (therefore its name), the ancient threshing grounds, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, St. Lawrence Chapel, the quartzite outcrops, the magical Covão Bridge and other delightful places. Surrounding St. Lawrence's Chapel you will see monumental Oaks. This is a precious place and a living testimony of history.
Lodging: Inatel de Manteigas
Day 07
Transfer to Coimbra, one of the most important cities of Portugal. Considered one of the most important Portuguese cities. Between the sea and the mountains, Coimbra, due to the University is, above all, a land of student bohemia and familiarity. The main geographical feature of the district is the valley of the Mondego River, the longest river born in Portugal, which dominates the landscape around the western part of the district. Here you can visit many historical monuments such as beautiful convents, monasteries, churches and aqueducts. Also noteworthy are the various renowned museums the city has, such as Machado de Castro Museum, the National Museum of Science and Technology and the Conimbriga Museum, all classified as world heritage.
Lodging: Vila Galé
Day 08
Transfer to Coimbra train station.
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