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Évora, a book of Portuguese art history

Évora is an inspiring city with a lot to offer. The Roman Temple of Diana, the Roman baths, the medieval walls, the Cathedral, the Graça Church and São Francisco Church, with its curious Chapel of ...

Évora, a book of Portuguese art history
26 Jan

The wines at Alentejo

A wine producing region with a long tradition, the Alentejo boasts wines that will surprise you for their excellence, aromas and colors as unique as the landscape and the cuisine.

The wines at Alentejo
25 Jan




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Garrano - The Gerês Wild Horse


Small in size but one of strongest horse breeds able to survive in unfavorable conditions. A2Z proudly presents you the Garrano, an ancestral pony and one of the oldest breeds originated in Portugal.


The Gerês Shepherd’s Lifestyle – A Traditional Harsh Way of Life


The wild animals are not alone amongst the mountains of Gerês. Here the shepherd is a man or woman who spends most of the time up in the mountains with the fellow domestic livestock species and the rustic, exclusive breed of shepherd dog, the Castro Laboreiro. Accept A2Z's invitation and discover more about this endangered profession and way of life.

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